Favorite Audio

Frontier-Metaljonus Heavy Metal Song
Masserection-Metaljonus Heavy Metal Song
<<Replicants>> Dubstep Song
Project Malu & Kaumaha Ambient Song
Adjeye-3 ~ Sentivicated. Trance Song
Riddickulous (WIP) Techno Song
Peace V.2 (Dj Sonik) House Song
Strawberry Jam! Indie Song
Silence the Children Goth Song
Sinistar Techno Song
The Darkness Suite Classical Song
Rig - Am I Cool Yet? Drum N Bass Song
On the last episode... General Rock Loop
Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Metal Heavy Metal Loop
Goku's Workout Ad Comedy Voice
DwellingofDoom-Metaljonus Heavy Metal Song
Squidhunting Manwhore House Loop
[AD] Hybrid (Doom/Duke Nukem) Video Game Song
B7 - I Bleed Fire Heavy Metal Song
[Doom] The Creeping Fate Video Game Song
B7 - Doom E2M9 Cover WIP Video Game Song
Doom: Sign Of Evil (Redux) Video Game Song
ST - DOOM Metal - The Hangar Video Game Song
DOOM Tribute Video Game Song
Tetris On The Toilet Heavy Metal Song
Enzoa - Cellular (MAC) Drum N Bass Loop
Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot Heavy Metal Song
[S] AwesomeTech Miscellaneous Loop
=( Spun )= General Rock Song
Homicidal Rampage Industrial Song
IYD - powermetal (w/o vocals) Heavy Metal Song
802(Final)-Metaljonus Heavy Metal Song
Mr. Shifty Ambient Song
Voyage-Metaljonus Heavy Metal Song
You're Banned Voice Demo Song
Rig - Trolled Drum N Bass Song
Wrath of the Oceanic (Reprise) Drum N Bass Song
A Moment of Bliss Miscellaneous Song
Warrior's Hymn Classical Song
Azarthian Girl {=MMD=} Pop Song
More Than Words (OriginalMix) Trance Song
Tankmen Destroyers of All Heavy Metal Song
Painkillers Drum N Bass Song
Slap That Bass! Funk Song
Sand Castles General Rock Song
Desert Rose Heavy Metal Song
Always With Me Always Wit General Rock Song
==(Glowing Galaxy)== Ambient Song
Technoraptorical--_--GOA Trance Song
_-={Wolf Team}=-_ Classical Song
Icarus - Dream of Flight Classical Song
Dr. Crafty's Castle (8-bit) Video Game Song
My Little Pony Heavy Metal Song
ParagonX9 - Infiltration Techno Song
ParagonX9 - No. 5 (NG Edit) Video Game Song
Equalized Drum N Bass Song
ParagonX9 - Metropolis [8-Bit] Video Game Loop
ParagonX9 - Polar 240 Video Game Song
Sonic2-Emerald Hill-Metaljonus Video Game Song
Sonic 1 - Marble Zone Video Game Song
Slice of Corneria Video Game Song
Star Fox - Corneria Video Game Song
Mega Man & Bass - Cold Man Video Game Song
Mega Man & Bass - Pirate Man Video Game Song
Metalman Goes Electric Video Game Song
MMZX - Trap Factory Video Game Song
Mega Man III - Intro Re-Master Video Game Song
MM9 - Title Screen Video Game Song
Mega Man X2 | Zero's Theme v3 Video Game Song
Megaman X Title Screen Video Game Loop
Megaman remix: Time-Stopper Dance Song
FlashMan VS. Dr. Wily (Fix) Video Game Song
Mega Man X4 | Double Heavy Metal Song
6 in a Row Hip Hop - Modern Song
Sexo En El Oxxo: Final Version General Rock Song
Tricky's Song Video Game Song