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Hi, my name's Geoff Galt, and I do animatics and voice overs.


Had a lot of fun animating the animatic on this one, for temp music I used Rick James' "Give It To Me Baby" and now a few coworkers can't hear that song the same way ever since.


On this one I merely provided the voice of the guy who says "Sure" and screams his head off. Ever since this one, I've been cast in more screamy roles.


...With the exception of this one, where I voiced the makeout man.


I had a TONNNN of fon making the animatic on this one. They preserved a lot of custom poses and art that I implied through it, and I'm super proud of how it turned out.


A lot of complicated camera movements in Sweet Flips. A lot of violence in this one! Very challenging to frame.


Annnd really happy with how The Farmer turned out. Not only did I animate the animatic, but I'm also the voice of the Farmer himself! They pretty much preserved exactly how I drew the cows, and kept in a lot of custom, slightly off-style facial expressions I left on him. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to update y'all with the next volley of shorts! I've voiced in other minis and voiced in other minor roles on the show and the shorts in between these here, but too brief to worth mentioning. 

See y'all later!


If you didn't know already, I work full-time with Cyanide & Happiness doing animatics. Here's a collection of shorts I've worked on just to keep y'all up to date!


Using Forrest Gump music as temp music has become a running joke in the office, and Fist Fight was the first short I started doing that in. 

The final design of the horse is almost exactly what I drew in the animatic, lmao.


Had a lot of fun with this one, Bill Jones improved the hell out of the acting.


One of the first shorts the office did in ToonBoom as opposed to Flash / Adobe Animate. Noticeably smoother...totally threw my buddy Jon Murphy for a loop with the smoke effects, and he figure it out.


Had loads of fun on this one, and this is one of the few shorts I see being siphoned on facebook. A lot of character design choices I threw into the animatic made it through to final.


I had so much fun with the art on this one! As silly as it is, it's been one of my favorites to work on. I'm also the voice of the astronaut with the jetpack!

Will keep y'all posted as more develops!


Not only did I work on the animatic, but I'm also the voice of the man with the plan! If you don't count the Ghost of Histories Present from Season Too: Episode 10, this is my voice acting debut with Cyanide & Happiness.



I was really happy with how this one turned out; I worked on the animatic (half-animated storyboard / framing) for Winston the Worm! Check it out!

Before this, I had worked on two ads for Season Too, as well as significant portions of Episode 8 and our season finale in episode 10 for Season Too. I've been doing shorts for the past month or so now, and Winston was the first! 

Hope y'all enjoy!


This video was the very first thing Cyanide & Happiness had me work on. I worked with the director and created the animatic that became this animation.



I have become an animator.

2015-10-06 20:02:50 by Phobotech

This all happened very fast...but, on Monday I start my job as an animatic artist for Cyanide & Happiness, and I couldn't be more excited!

I've been hopping around jobs, some creative, most pretty much just labor. Odd-jobs being a camera-man to full-time jobs being a service associate at a pro Audio repair shop. Past couple of times I've been doing some flier or band artwork for local music, they turn it down because they can't afford what I'm asking, or the ideas were...less than inspiring.

But wow, folks...CYANIDE & HAPPINESS!!! This is the beginning! I'll get my momentum up and rolling and actually finish what I started all those years ago. I've never been more motivated...never been so ready to create!

I haven't been this happy in many years.

I had to share it with you all.

I want to create for you all.

It's finally time!


The Sundae Comic Part 3

2014-09-27 18:38:07 by Phobotech

In the beginning, and on the last installment...more to come!

The Sundae Comic Part 2

2014-09-25 17:30:09 by Phobotech

On the last episode of The Sundae Comic.

Its been so long...I still have so much written out for that storyline arc, and yet, not enough drawn.

Should I continue it?


Texas Cheese

2014-09-21 16:29:56 by Phobotech

Yep, here it is.