Entry #152

The Low-Down: October 2013

2013-10-10 10:10:26 by Phobotech

So shit has been pretty slow on my end, and I'd like to apologize for that. But I haven't forgotten about Newgrounds...and I'm confident there's much more fun to be had here.

I've been preoccupied by going to the gym three times a week. I've been focused on my aviation studies, and my solo certification test is rapidly approaching...with that, I'll be closing the gap between me and the IFR certification and I'll be striding headlong into looking for a career as a pilot.

But I won't be flying all the time, methinks. In my down time, it would be ideal to throw down on my art. I even dabbled around with some of my unfinished flash animation files, and on one end its like learning it all over again, but in the other end, its something I absolutely want to return to.

I'm grateful, because I've been surrounding myself with the company of very creative people. It's stimulating to the imagination, and it shows me that its really a very important passion in my life. I want to be a pilot AND an artist, AND an animator, and there's so much going down...I'm terrified that I won't be able to do it all...but time will tell.

So yeah, I've been focusing on running, my nose has been in a book about aerodynamics and airport signs and FAA laws, and I've been hanging out with great people in the DFW area. I feel really shitty I haven't been updating much here, and I promise to fix that with new content. After I become solo certified, Private License in hand, I'll definitely be less stressed out and the time will be in my lap to twist out something cool for y'all.

Here's to new beginnings!


The Low-Down: October 2013


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2013-10-10 12:13:49

Expensive training to be a commercial pilot, most folks go to the military. I'd have gone that route, if I weren't so damn short! So you'll be licensed to fly what craft in particular?

Phobotech responds:

Well, so far just a PS-28 Piper Sport. A low-wing, single-prop two-seater. But the idea is the enter the job market solo certified, IFR certified with a Private Pilot license in hand. It IS expensive, and that's a huge reason there was a bit of a crawl in my progress...this shit is terrifying. I really hope it'll all pay off.


2013-12-18 05:02:35

Does the idea of piloting an F-22 make you moist?

This is a serious question that is part of a survey.

Phobotech responds:

In that I've pissed myself under the fear and pressure of handling the most expensive fighter jet in the world? Yes.


2014-05-01 16:52:57

Your shit's about to get some fuckin 5's, m8.

Phobotech responds:

My body is ready.