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Fond fond fond memories of Season Three and Season Four of the Cyanide & Happiness show. You really brought Zach Hadel's Genie to life, and it was a great touch of flair to his character acting in The Stockholms' finale.

Shocked to see how much of this has my Dad in it. I love that Orca King, and I miss the hell out of Wheelcharles- one of my favorite roles I've ever voiced.

It's been such an honor working with you, dude. I can't wait to see what you bring to life in the future!

Delfrig responds:

Same, man! I was having flashbacks to all the all-nighters working on the C&H Show (especially Season 3). Really good times.

And yeah, we always cast your dad as either an invisible narrator or an extremely visible giant celestial being.

It's been an honor working with you too, dude. I'm waiting to see the next Phobotech drop too! I was watching through all your old posts the other day and they were KILLING me. The door gag in "Repercussions of Evil" is so freaking funny.

Oh wow, welcome back! Seeing this in my feed brightened an otherwise horrible week, so seeing and hearing these familiar idiots was long overdue and earnestly welcomed. I hope there's plans over the horizon for your return- either with a new IP or a return to form with some animalistic retardation. In the long run, you have always been, and shall continue to be a legend, and a hero in the eyes of Newgrounders around the world. Godspeed, Dave.

FUCK YEAH, keep it going! Let's run the roster of demons!

Also if you need a voice talent for a demon, soldier, or AI, I'm more than down to pitch in for the credit!

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Fucking stellar. I love you guys.

Yomuchan responds:

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

Heyyy! It works on my phone! Cool!

There's some fucky things going on, many of them are evident on Level 12.

For one, the character we control seems to have an unstable hit-box to how he lands, as if his lower corners are rounded like a rombus. This is really noticeable when you're trying to land on one tile right on the other side of a jumping hog or a spike trap- he'll land on the tile but kinda slide off, and it doesn't seem like a momentum overcorrection on my end.

Secondly, if the terrain the character is on is too high, several things happen in a switch.

On level 12, if we start on the top left section and that's "1" , I position myself at the extreme edge of 2, inboard to the middle. I swapped it with the platform below it, but my character stayed suspended in mid-air. After the terrain is done switching, I plummet to my death atop a jumping hog right below me.

Another thing that sometimes happens is the hogs will have inconsistent autonomy. At first I thought they were too easy of an obstacle, and thought it was an interesting addition to ramp up the difficulty so that the hogs will sometimes charge after a while, but the more I played, the more I started to realize this may be accidental. I'll die on one, and they'll back up sometimes. Sometimes they'll start moving forward when all they did was jump after I died. But SOMETIMES I'd swap tiles, and they'd be in a position, through timing, that enabled them to charge forward indefinitely, onto other sections.

I wanted to vote top score on it because this is a really interesting idea, but I think some bolts need to be tightened on this. More variety of enemies, more consistently in the existing enemies behaviors, and more deliberate platforming physics that feel sturdier on our character, as well as tightening the core game mechanic.

Still, really cool idea and the polish is there. I hope this goes far for you! Keep up the excellent work, and never stop!

MrNannings responds:

Thanks that a big reply. Need to study on that. I have updated the movement but the other things you mention I still have to process.

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This came out great! Everyone killed it with their respective impersonations, can't wait to work with y'all again!

VoicesByCorey responds:

If you’re down to help out with the new one just let me know Geoff! 😁

You both are kings! Thank y'all so much, this was a lot of fun! I'll use a better microphone next time, lmao. Thanks for going through editing this, I apologize for talking so, so much. I think I even interrupted a few times, I'll get better about that moving forward.

Much love, stay safe, THRIVE! Let's collab on something soon!


DomAndFroShow responds:

Dom got a new mic and we tried a new system where we both record with audacity at the same time and it worked beautifully. In 2 episodes the quality will go through the roof in comparison.

It's not my favorite flavor of metal, but I recognize that it's difficult to do. I certainly couldn't pull this shit off, but I don't particularly seek out or prefer this vocalization style. I'm not familiar with reels that specialize in this vocal style, but I fathom it would be more useful to demonstrate your ability to announciate lyrics than it is to destroy your throat for 48 seconds going through the vowels.

Like, if a band you particularly like has a verse that you like, wouldn't it be a more worthwhile field test to demonstrate how you would throw your inflection behind performing those lyrics? I think what you have here is too vague, and honestly it sounds kinda painful. Are you sure you're not fucking up your throat with how you're doing this? Is that even a concern?

It makes me think of Henry Rollins talking about seeing a throat doctor and he was looking at his throat and all his problems he was going through and he's just like "my god, how many packs a day do you smoke?" and he's like none, but I'm a singer for a band, and he hooked him up with some of his music and the doctor's like jesus christ man, what are you doing to yourself

A reel should demonstrate to a potential client, or in your case, a band you might want to perform with, your range. Your versatility. I don't think there's a lot of opportunity for you to put on "The Grudge" rattle from the 32 second mark. And while that last monster-over at the end was cool, I don't understand how you'd have an opportunity to do that in a set. Then again, maybe in these genres I'm unfamiliar with, that's a thing and a popular thing...or maybe it's not a popular thing and you're trying to do something different, but from an outside perspective, I think you could benefit from going about your reel in a different way.

A more technical way that demonstrates the complexities of your instrument, which is your voice. More surgical, less fire-hose. More prepared, and less off-the-cuff. Sentient, not primal. This will come with practice, this will come with realizing and honing down exactly what you want to do with these skills. I think you're onto something, and this represents a humble beginning into something that could turn into much more than this reel with a lot of research, practice, and networking.

DrunkGecko responds:

I can assure that my throat is fine, because it's fry vocals. I see your point with the lyrics though. I'll try that sometime. That "grudge rattle" is actually very common in genres such as Goregrind and Pornogrind. The last vocal technique is called a Tunnel High and it is one of the most common techniques used in Deathcore. Deathcore is basically Death Metal mixed with Hardcore. I felt that if I made it edited it would take away the idea of being able to do these vocals live without editing, which I can certainly do and that's why I didn't edit it. Also, I don't really want to do bands with other people, because then I can't express ALL of my creativity. From 2018-2019 I've had 16 music projects and I've done all the instruments and vocals. These are the projects if you're curious: Ass DJ (Cybergrind), Embryonic Defilement (Slam/Deathcore), Esophageal Maggots (Brutal Death Metal), Screech Calamity (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal), Traumatic Serenity (Atmospheric Black Metal), Atmospheric Apocalypse (Black/Death Metal), Sock (Nu Metal/Deathcore), Thornbush (Grindcore/Powerviolence), Alien Tampon (Gorenoise), Dankophiliac (Pornogrind/Grindcore/Noisegrind), Futanari Magic Loli (Noisecore/Cybergrind), Grimpsy (Raw Black Metal), Kuikomi (Gorenoise), Laceration Lord (Slam/Goregrind), Lolicon Legion (Slam/Pornogrind), Pawg Beelzebub (Black Metal/Pornogrind), Pulse Palpitation (Experimental Electronic), Tranny (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal). I honestly feel like I got networking down, but there is always room for improvement when it comes to music. I appreciate your review :)

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The shoulder in the old one is a focal point for me, because it bounces more. Her front facing shoulder travels between her torso and the viewer's perspective, and that implies more of a 3D character. The new one, the shoulders are side to side, so a slight field of depth on her body is lost in the animation.

I'm a big fan of the poppy bounciness of the original and I remember it well. Her eyes and smile are cute, her hair dominates the frame, and its a gif that would go well to a music video. Future funk comes to mind.

There's more of a balance between frames in the new one, so a lot of that rythmic pop is lost in favor for a smooth ease. They're both loops, but the new one could honestly benefit from more frames- distinguishing her two actions, from mouth open/eyes open expression to grinned/eye closed smile.

Regardless, your skills as a character designer and animator have definitely improved over the years. I'm fond of her original gif as well, but this new one is perfect for what it is. A landmark- you are HERE at this point in time. You can look back on this years later and recall exactly where you were in life when you made this. And if everything's groovy, you might even be willing to make a v3 by that time.

Big fan of your work, always pleasing to see more stuff from you. Have happy holidays!

My kingdom for From Software to address the concept of Armored Core in a fantasy setting. My buddy Ollie Barder would probably be quick to point out the parallels between this and Aura Battler Dunbine, but I have not seen that IP, nor have I played Legend of Dragoon, but I'm in love with the medieval mecha flavor of fantasy/sci-fi. You do excellent work, and I can't wait to see what you do next!

So damn cool! The scale of the mech really reads, and the lighting/shading is fucking great. Really skillfully done. Great work!

I'm a Pre-Production artist for Cyanide & Happiness! I'm also a professional voice actor, a published author, and I design t-shirts & artwork for heavy metal bands in the DFW area. Check out my links, check out my stuff, and stick around for a while! -GG

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