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Holy shit guys, that's a lot of talent in one spot! For every short where the jokes weren't landing, there were three others that had me in stitches. Making this one of the strongest batting average, constantly funny collabs on NG. All it's missing were JohnnyUtah, Stamper, and MindChamber contributions.

That is all nitpicky as fuck, though- there's brilliant fucking animation all up in this, bouts of genius, REALLY FUNNY STUFF! Everyone did a kickass job, and it's so cool to see the finished product. Look at the runtime! This was entirely a treat. Thanks so much to everyone that worked on this! I slapped that five button so hard, and I'll be showing this off at work on Friday.

It's absolutely gorgeous. The homages to 80's anime like Macross, Zeta Gundam, and R-Type itself are phenomenally executed. Voice actors Haylizbeth and RicePirate do an outstanding job, although its hilarious how your UK bleeds through getting an American to say lines like "buggered."

The whole thing is brilliantly colorful, and it's astonishing how much labor went into this thing. I recognized your style IMMEDIATELY as the TIE Fighter anime from a few years ago, and MAN, you've really improved a lot since then. However, there are many moments of unnecessary over-animation. The character spouting off and roasting the arcade, it's wonky dialogue, but man, he just doesn't stop moving.

I suppose you COULD have saved yourself some nightmarish headaches by keeping his poses pretty basic, because when it comes to this tendency to overly elaborate movements constantly, every shot that they're in, sometimes you find yourself in poses that are very rigid and unnatural like when he's wincing in terror "H.R. Giger is that you!?" -before dropping the scaredy-cat act after that awkward line and returning to his neutral "I'm a fighter pilot" pose. (That line, incidentally, doesn't make sense because...he's not H.R. Giger, he looks like a Xenomorph, sort-of, which he designed...it's clumsy explaining it, it was clumsy to hear.) Or like that ending, stiff as hell "Hmmmmmm" pose he shares in the end with Haylizbeth's character. Her arms way up, he's cupping his chin with an arm popped out at a weird angle, it's just corn upon corniness (which I acknowledge may be the whole point.)

I'm sure the action would seem a lot punchier if it didn't sound like the guitar was softly bouncing off the walls from a distant hallway. No fault on your part, I'm not sure how much control you have over what music you can use, but even when there was plenty of room for the music to breathe and emote the tone of the action, it was barely audible.

What was no doubt unintentional, which I definitely saw an improvement from the TIE Fighter short, was there's a lot of fundamentals in motion animation that needs to be tweaked and practiced. For example, he finds that he's not only in the game, but sitting in the cockpit of the R-Type fighter. He gets ready, hands on the stick, throttle up, everythings building up HERE WE GO AND he just kinda....drifts away. Everything that moves is very drifty. Speed is lost upon things that are trying to look fast.

The camera is doing some crazy 3D assisted maneuvers, ambitiously rocketing in and swiveling out and doing all sorts of things, but there's no easing, the motions are just kinda going from place to place. Every once and a while the camera will lock onto an object and your eye, as an audience member, can't help but think this is an unintentional/unnatural byproduct of how the camera's rigged. It's not like that Go-Pro shot on Poe Dameron's X-Wing like it's affixed to the fuselage, it's very clearly, rigidly, just like "this thing isn't moving, everything else is moving." Like that alien at 2:05, dominating center frame, and everything in the world is doing something except for the body of this focal point creature. It's the uncanny valley of motion that can take people out of immersion.

A positive example to fix this is probably my favorite shot, the dead pilot overtaken by the alien organism at 1:31- that simple, simple camera zoom while all the tendrils pulse life in contrast to the pilot's lifeless husk was SO effective. Sometimes less is more, and it's beneficial to keep it simple so you can make other parts stand out and shine. Like when he's spitting out Macross missiles going buckwild all over the place.

The special effects are a marvel and a study-piece for me to pick apart frame by frame. I love the anime reflectivity going on in the metal panels, that pink-eyed Zaku with biology all up in it was fucking gorgeous and perfect...it's just MOTION, man. Dramatic, lively motion is missing from this. All I can recommend is Richard William's Animator's Survival Kit, (which is like essential reading, practically bible) and to study frame by frame the rate at which these starships are rocketing in and out and curving away at the rate that they do from some crazy stuff you like to watch. You have special effects and 3D roto down like a super pro. You have your STYLE nailed down to an enviable degree...once you nail the imitation of life, you're going to be an unstoppable champion for animators everywhere.

Never ever stop, I'm rooting for you dude. This shit is a masterpiece, and the next thing you do will dwarf this for sure! I can't wait to see what you do next! We're watching you now! An easy easy Vote 5.

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This was hilarious! I loved the character animations too, y'all did a really good job on this! Keep up the great work!

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That cat is gonna get the diabeetus.

Its like a less imaginative "Toss The Turtle" with the cuteness scaled WAY up. Really kid friendly, girls would love it because the cat is really fat and jiggly, and it makes cute noises. I wanted to rag on this game, but it kept me occupied, and I saw it through to the end.

Perhaps its just my computer, but there is an incredible lag. When the countdown clock starts after you complete a stage's goal, it takes about 3-4 real second for one second on the in-game timer to click off. This may be way I can tell the saxophone music from the Dodgy Mushroom is only meant to be played for 6 seconds when the record-needle-scratch chimes in and then it just loops...it didn't seem an intentional decision...in fact, the music came off to me like it was an unused track for Sushi Cat to be sexually attracted to someone/something, but a story-arc like that got scrapped because it wouldn't be kid-friendly anymore...I think advocating the use of hallucinogenic drugs was a much better alternative.

The overall musical score was well chosen. I can't really complain about it looping too often because of my Windows XP giving me bullet-time from the lag. The art direction was great! Simple, "less-is-more", but effective. I love the cat's jigglyness, but the gameplay itself was kinda mindless. Maybe that's the point, and maybe that doesn't matter because the target audience wouldn't be looking for a challenge anyway...just a "shift your brain and neutral and do a thing to kill time" kinda game. Even still, I found myself nodding off to sleep in the downtown stages, the final stretch before the moon launch...perhaps its for the better that this game is as short as it is.

I'm not sure I would play it again after earning that final cutscene. The lack of replay value is reflected in my score, but it wasn't a bad flash game, so I voted 5.

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It took a while to really build momentum and get up and goin'. I felt like my patience was being tried at a couple of parts before it even got to the dinner table. When it came to the momentum of self-aware parody where the Dad was criticizing "Why aren't YOUR web games fun!" I pessimistically agreed at first... and I thought I had the right idea on how to play this. I tried playing it as reasonably straight-forward as possible... and when it all started piling up, becoming ever evident that these aren't reasonable people, I felt the gravity of the situation. I told them to fuck themselves. I placed the blame on the parents. I rejected the idea of transfer, the forced relationship with the tutor, and I told the dude that I didn't know what would happen. I played it genuine, because Brevity is the Soul of Wit.

The ending was kinda heart-felt...and my perspective on the self-aware parody, the crass comment about the enjoyability with the games shifted, because that character was successfully vilified...but the presentation where there were needless or useless dialogue options still strained my focus and my patience... I would never waste my time to hear the Lie story, I just wanted the truth at the end of it all. That was the only instance where it didn't necessarily get better...but then I suppose it holds pattern to the constant, spinal reference to the game...you're totally an amateur poet...but I guess you're practicing.

This flash is the worth the praise.

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Fun and smooth!

Despite the content of war and the scale of decimation and death that is the focal point of the game, it seems better equipped to kids/teenagers. I found no difficulty in quickly rising through the ranks to Colonel in two separate playthroughs. If dedicated, it could be done in a day.

The Grenadiers' limited range puts them as the weakest squadmate out of the possible army you can amass, and I found myself avoiding them if I had the luxury to do so. Riflemen, at the very least, could reach downrange and (after an upgrade) fulfill the role of Grenadier efficiently, especially when there's more than two of 'em.

LMG's (Light Machine Gunners) Were perfect fillers for the downrange barrage of fire. They were a preferable addition to the team just to fill out the ranks a little more thoroughly.

Once you unlock the Marksmen, the squad can make short work of the entire enemy force. Jeeps don't last long, and its the extra oomf needed to take out high value targets that you can't immediately address by swiveling the squad into position. Once you unlock the AA specialists, and you have a few of them lobbing Bazookas all around while Marksmen are picking people off left and right, you barely have to do anything.

You just need to equip your Commander with a Rocket Launcher, hook up the Napalm Wave as the skill, and you'll quickly close the distance between yourself and Colonel, raking in full achievements for the game in short time when you periodically dump your coins into fully upgrading everything.

The difficulty curve never caught up to the amount of punishment a high ranked, high-capped squad could dish out...it just got easier and easier. In Endless, I noticed that when Heroic Dash was activated, there would be a more intense wave of enemies than usual; a thick horde of impenetrable foes FLOODING the screen with ordinance....yet, when the Heroic Dash depleted, that intensity waned into the usual pattern of things... The Napalm Wave is the more efficient skill, but by equipping it, or even the Air Strike, you seem to be corralled into selecting "Normal" difficulty...where the "Hard" is hidden in a brief window of opportunity in the Dash skill. I feel like there should be more distinction between difficulty curves, or something more deliberate...an intentional, "So you're maxed out, huh? Wanna try HELL mode!?"

...Granted, I've yet to see if this is something that's still waiting to be locked. In the Tactics Menu, it says I've done 30 of 100 different missions, which are more like achievement parameters like "Launch Airstrike 10 times" or "Kill 100 enemies using missiles" ...but there's a missed opportunity in integrating these little challenges into the trophy/achievement system here in NG. Once I reached 100% completion, I felt compelled to write my review on the game.

...BUT! Its definitely the sign of a fun game that I decided to keep on playing after 100%ing it. The sound effects are great, but the music is basic, and the graphics are just sufficient. The controls are fine. You go down one corridor that phases in between three different landscapes, and its the epitome of linear gameplay, but for some reason, its still quite fun. Bunkers are a pain in the ass that warrant a bit of tension, especially when squadmates are low on health. Though there seems to be an abundance of health kits in regular play, its still a kinda satisfying march.

So what if the enemy is purple uniformed, driving pink jeeps? I like to pretend in my imagination how hardcore the commander is, or if the Riflemen that spawned with him have a name or a history with the Commander, and what kind of interactions happen with the squad if one of 'em dies amidst the carnage. Oh the drama...OH THE HORROR. It's all fun. :D

+ For keeping it simple to control
+ For keeping it simple to understand
+ For making a functional, fun game with incentive to replay value
In the future, try not to make it so easy to 100% complete...don't do anything CHEAP to stretch out the play time, but definitely consider including more depth. Options, and flexibility for thought and adaption.

Great job! Voted 5

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Perfect music to back a party and add a flair of class to the ambiance. It's VERY conversational; smooth, groovy, and never disrupts itself or the atmosphere for the sake of it. This is the kind of thing you could put on for your lady by a fire-place...as opposed to 87% of the metal in my library which would be better suited for thrashing her INTO a fire-place.

It's a cool change of pace from the kind of music I expect to hear out of the Audio Portal, and on that note, it's really nice too. If I reviewed this a few years ago, I'd probably deduct points for it not standing out or being dynamic and complicated...but by being bluesy, and not deviating from the theme at it's core, it's sturdy at the foundation, and like I said, there is ABSOLUTELY demographics and situations that would absolutely call for this kind of talent. With that in mind, it excells at what it does. So full stars and vote!

Lageira responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it :)

I'm posting lyrics if anybody wants them...

Draggindraggindraggindraggin Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!"

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Ockeroid responds:

Thank you for posting. They have deep meaning and are very personal to me

This is pretty good, I don't know why you're so hard on yourself about it.

Needs to be longer, needs room to grow and dip and dive into time that mixes itself up. You're onto something good, dude. Fived!

Might need lyrics too :P

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Sinitech responds:

I'm hard on myself because I'm hard for myself. I truly am a sexy beast.

And yeah, it will be longer once I finally get around to finishing it. As far as lyrics, this seems like it would be hard to do anything with to me. The drums sound kind of like they'd be awkward to keep on beat with, but I don't know because I don't sing or rap.

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Very cool and unsettling. I'd want it on a sticker and slap that grafitti someplace unexpected just to make rando's uncomfortable.

The longer you look at it, the more details stand out. Very deliberate, extremely stylized piece. I'm frustrated the skull doesn't have another eye-hole or there's voids where I'm looking for details, it's like an itch I can't scratch, but this is still really well done. Easy 5 and fav!

This is fucking awesome, I'm in love with the textures on this creepy baby and its warped anatomy. I'm a little confused why the book is poking out of its armpit, but it really doesn't matter at all, stylistic choice, I dig the hell out of it. And ffs, ballpoint pen??? Masterful! I hope you've done more since 2014, and I'm looking forward to when you upload them. This is really good stuff, an easy 5 and fav.

I'm a Pre-Production artist for Cyanide & Happiness! I'm also a professional voice actor, and I design t-shirts regularly. I haven't forgotten about you, Newgrounds. Some great things are just over the horizon for you all.

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