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Save Da Hyrule! Save Da Hyrule!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was hilarious! I loved the character animations too, y'all did a really good job on this! Keep up the great work!

Sneak Bot 199X Sneak Bot 199X

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the idea of this robot, whose sole purpose is to be sneaky and by design he's clearly not. The voices were fine, and I loved the gags! SFX and music were on point as well.

What keeps this from getting a perfect score to me was pace. The world-building introductory text-crawl would only really be needed if you intended to expand upon this character and setting, but if this is a one-shot, is kinda unnecessary. The audience wouldn't think twice that, for whatever reason, they're sending this inept sneak-bot to save the president.

Also, what's up with this world's Colonel Campbell; maybe it's because he's an old white guy with white hair dressed in white, but I'm getting a serious Colonel Sanders vibe if we threw on a Daffy Duck sailor hat and slapped a Cyber eye-patch on him.

Some of the gags necessitated padding, like the slow trudge of the clunky tank treads, and slowly reversing, and that's totally fine but it helped provide the sense that the overall pace was kinda slowly trudging, there was nothing inherently quick to switch up the pace. With some minor tweaking into comedic timing, the jokes could punch more as well as quicken the pace of the overall short.

Having said all of that, I think you did great! Voted 5!

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SuperPhil64 responds:

Hey thanks a bunch for the nice words and feedback! Storytelling and writing are two things i'm trying to improve so i will definitely keep this feedback in mind moving forward!

As for the Mission Command guy i tried to just make him look really goofy, figured a world with shitty robots would have shitty leaders. But who knows maybe he also has a chain of fried chicken restaurants?

Define Intervention Define Intervention

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What a production! Everyone involved did a spectacular job on this. What I'd call the internet equivalent of a star-studded cast, the audio was mixed well (There was like, one too-quiet line as the protagonist priest was just leaving his church in the beginning). The music was on-point, the action and dialogue alike were well-paced. The animation was MARVELOUSLY well done! I had a great time watching it!

I can't wait to see what awaits us an audience as your talented-ass thrives and grows. This was top-tier stuff, easily. Great job!

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Sushi Catapult Sushi Catapult

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That cat is gonna get the diabeetus.

Its like a less imaginative "Toss The Turtle" with the cuteness scaled WAY up. Really kid friendly, girls would love it because the cat is really fat and jiggly, and it makes cute noises. I wanted to rag on this game, but it kept me occupied, and I saw it through to the end.

Perhaps its just my computer, but there is an incredible lag. When the countdown clock starts after you complete a stage's goal, it takes about 3-4 real second for one second on the in-game timer to click off. This may be way I can tell the saxophone music from the Dodgy Mushroom is only meant to be played for 6 seconds when the record-needle-scratch chimes in and then it just didn't seem an intentional fact, the music came off to me like it was an unused track for Sushi Cat to be sexually attracted to someone/something, but a story-arc like that got scrapped because it wouldn't be kid-friendly anymore...I think advocating the use of hallucinogenic drugs was a much better alternative.

The overall musical score was well chosen. I can't really complain about it looping too often because of my Windows XP giving me bullet-time from the lag. The art direction was great! Simple, "less-is-more", but effective. I love the cat's jigglyness, but the gameplay itself was kinda mindless. Maybe that's the point, and maybe that doesn't matter because the target audience wouldn't be looking for a challenge anyway...just a "shift your brain and neutral and do a thing to kill time" kinda game. Even still, I found myself nodding off to sleep in the downtown stages, the final stretch before the moon launch...perhaps its for the better that this game is as short as it is.

I'm not sure I would play it again after earning that final cutscene. The lack of replay value is reflected in my score, but it wasn't a bad flash game, so I voted 5.

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Coming Out Simulator Coming Out Simulator

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It took a while to really build momentum and get up and goin'. I felt like my patience was being tried at a couple of parts before it even got to the dinner table. When it came to the momentum of self-aware parody where the Dad was criticizing "Why aren't YOUR web games fun!" I pessimistically agreed at first... and I thought I had the right idea on how to play this. I tried playing it as reasonably straight-forward as possible... and when it all started piling up, becoming ever evident that these aren't reasonable people, I felt the gravity of the situation. I told them to fuck themselves. I placed the blame on the parents. I rejected the idea of transfer, the forced relationship with the tutor, and I told the dude that I didn't know what would happen. I played it genuine, because Brevity is the Soul of Wit.

The ending was kinda heart-felt...and my perspective on the self-aware parody, the crass comment about the enjoyability with the games shifted, because that character was successfully vilified...but the presentation where there were needless or useless dialogue options still strained my focus and my patience... I would never waste my time to hear the Lie story, I just wanted the truth at the end of it all. That was the only instance where it didn't necessarily get better...but then I suppose it holds pattern to the constant, spinal reference to the're totally an amateur poet...but I guess you're practicing.

This flash is the worth the praise.

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Battalion Commander Battalion Commander

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun and smooth!

Despite the content of war and the scale of decimation and death that is the focal point of the game, it seems better equipped to kids/teenagers. I found no difficulty in quickly rising through the ranks to Colonel in two separate playthroughs. If dedicated, it could be done in a day.

The Grenadiers' limited range puts them as the weakest squadmate out of the possible army you can amass, and I found myself avoiding them if I had the luxury to do so. Riflemen, at the very least, could reach downrange and (after an upgrade) fulfill the role of Grenadier efficiently, especially when there's more than two of 'em.

LMG's (Light Machine Gunners) Were perfect fillers for the downrange barrage of fire. They were a preferable addition to the team just to fill out the ranks a little more thoroughly.

Once you unlock the Marksmen, the squad can make short work of the entire enemy force. Jeeps don't last long, and its the extra oomf needed to take out high value targets that you can't immediately address by swiveling the squad into position. Once you unlock the AA specialists, and you have a few of them lobbing Bazookas all around while Marksmen are picking people off left and right, you barely have to do anything.

You just need to equip your Commander with a Rocket Launcher, hook up the Napalm Wave as the skill, and you'll quickly close the distance between yourself and Colonel, raking in full achievements for the game in short time when you periodically dump your coins into fully upgrading everything.

The difficulty curve never caught up to the amount of punishment a high ranked, high-capped squad could dish just got easier and easier. In Endless, I noticed that when Heroic Dash was activated, there would be a more intense wave of enemies than usual; a thick horde of impenetrable foes FLOODING the screen with ordinance....yet, when the Heroic Dash depleted, that intensity waned into the usual pattern of things... The Napalm Wave is the more efficient skill, but by equipping it, or even the Air Strike, you seem to be corralled into selecting "Normal" difficulty...where the "Hard" is hidden in a brief window of opportunity in the Dash skill. I feel like there should be more distinction between difficulty curves, or something more intentional, "So you're maxed out, huh? Wanna try HELL mode!?"

...Granted, I've yet to see if this is something that's still waiting to be locked. In the Tactics Menu, it says I've done 30 of 100 different missions, which are more like achievement parameters like "Launch Airstrike 10 times" or "Kill 100 enemies using missiles" ...but there's a missed opportunity in integrating these little challenges into the trophy/achievement system here in NG. Once I reached 100% completion, I felt compelled to write my review on the game.

...BUT! Its definitely the sign of a fun game that I decided to keep on playing after 100%ing it. The sound effects are great, but the music is basic, and the graphics are just sufficient. The controls are fine. You go down one corridor that phases in between three different landscapes, and its the epitome of linear gameplay, but for some reason, its still quite fun. Bunkers are a pain in the ass that warrant a bit of tension, especially when squadmates are low on health. Though there seems to be an abundance of health kits in regular play, its still a kinda satisfying march.

So what if the enemy is purple uniformed, driving pink jeeps? I like to pretend in my imagination how hardcore the commander is, or if the Riflemen that spawned with him have a name or a history with the Commander, and what kind of interactions happen with the squad if one of 'em dies amidst the carnage. Oh the drama...OH THE HORROR. It's all fun. :D

+ For keeping it simple to control
+ For keeping it simple to understand
+ For making a functional, fun game with incentive to replay value
In the future, try not to make it so easy to 100% complete...don't do anything CHEAP to stretch out the play time, but definitely consider including more depth. Options, and flexibility for thought and adaption.

Great job! Voted 5

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All Blues All Blues

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Perfect music to back a party and add a flair of class to the ambiance. It's VERY conversational; smooth, groovy, and never disrupts itself or the atmosphere for the sake of it. This is the kind of thing you could put on for your lady by a opposed to 87% of the metal in my library which would be better suited for thrashing her INTO a fire-place.

It's a cool change of pace from the kind of music I expect to hear out of the Audio Portal, and on that note, it's really nice too. If I reviewed this a few years ago, I'd probably deduct points for it not standing out or being dynamic and complicated...but by being bluesy, and not deviating from the theme at it's core, it's sturdy at the foundation, and like I said, there is ABSOLUTELY demographics and situations that would absolutely call for this kind of talent. With that in mind, it excells at what it does. So full stars and vote!

Lageira responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it :)

On the last episode... On the last episode...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm posting lyrics if anybody wants them...

Draggindraggindraggindraggin Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!"

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Ockeroid responds:

Thank you for posting. They have deep meaning and are very personal to me

Crabs WIP Crabs WIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is pretty good, I don't know why you're so hard on yourself about it.

Needs to be longer, needs room to grow and dip and dive into time that mixes itself up. You're onto something good, dude. Fived!

Might need lyrics too :P

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Sinitech responds:

I'm hard on myself because I'm hard for myself. I truly am a sexy beast.

And yeah, it will be longer once I finally get around to finishing it. As far as lyrics, this seems like it would be hard to do anything with to me. The drums sound kind of like they'd be awkward to keep on beat with, but I don't know because I don't sing or rap.

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Blue skull Blue skull

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm in love with this. If this were dominating the front of a T-shirt, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Oath of Dagon Oath of Dagon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ohhh man this art is exactly the kind that I need more of in my life.

Effective restraint with the colors, beautiful composition and I love everything about it. Fucking metal, dude. All of my five.

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Ccrawler responds:

Thanks a lot man!!

Tried to put as much expression as I could on this one, to really enjoy myself doing knowing that people enjoy watching it makes my day! :D

Ichigo pencil 1 Ichigo pencil 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

There's something to be said about how anime typically handles proportions. Just look at Hellsing Ultimate; running on the presumption that if you become an ancient vampire, your limbs will continue to grow and the next thing you know you're the lankier than a giraffe with huge branches for forearms and you're 9 feet tall.

The fact that we have a human skull for reference with this character really drives home just how disproportionate this guy is. And while the wardrobe choice isn't a fault of your own, (you're paying homage to an anime character), its structured in such a baggy way that it conceals the rest of his anatomy, so we don't fully understand where his legs begin. Because his feet are cut off at the bottom, we don't know where they end either, but that's not that big of a deal.

What really emphasizes this disproportion is that arm. I have a mirror in my room, and because of this picture, I've been comparing my forearm's size in relation to my head. Maybe I have a huge head, and maybe my forearm doesn't belong to a character that's extremely tall, but I could say that roughly my elbow aligns with my chin and my forearms aligns with the top of my head.

This guy could decapitate four clones of himself, align each of their heads neck-to-scalp, and his entire arm would be the length of all four of those heads. Moreover, there's a crooked bend to the sleeve that almost wants to imply he has an extra elbow. The tricep trails down from the shoulder, it bends at the first elbow, we get down to the belt (right about where the wrist should be) and it crooks out again to finally deposit the wrist down below.

This problem could've been avoided by roughing out the composition of the character using the shape method. Its like lightly tracing a mannequin to ensure the proportions of the limbs look correct. On paper, you can lightly erase the unused lines and draw atop the useful lines. In Photoshop, this could be a layer beneath the ink, where the opacity can be lightened, and then altogether deleted once you have the character how you want it.

If he is a naturally tall character, then his head would need to be bigger. This would help out in a lot of ways, especially since there's been a lot of time and shading dedicated to the kimono; his head/face is comparatively cleaner, absent of shading and detailing, even in the hair.

While probably restricted to the size of the paper you started this on, the tatters of the cape/cloak going the way it is would mean it would be angled weirdly if it was just resting, without wind blowing it into a cascade. At first I thought you forgot to continue the belt established on the front into the back, and then I realized the cloak is sweeping around and behind him. While there are a few divots and creases around the small of his back to better establish this, it could've been more pronounced. Especially with shading on the interior of the cape closest to the character's body. Depth, dimension, shading and color is your ally to better carry these concepts across to a viewer.

The hand looks sufficient, it could be stronger. The blade of the sword lets us know it is, in fact, a sword, but it too can be made too look stronger; shading that implies wear of its metal, if its sharp and sleek or rustic and old, if its seen battle, if its supposed to be shining brilliantly with chrome or if its a muted silver. The chain, I'm not sure why its there because its not really attached to anything but the pommel, and the way that the chain is drawn implies its thin and fragile. There's no density to it, and even if their were, its function remains unclear.

Once again, keep challenging yourself! Step outside of that comfort zone and try new things. Only then will you grow as an artist!

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