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My kingdom for From Software to address the concept of Armored Core in a fantasy setting. My buddy Ollie Barder would probably be quick to point out the parallels between this and Aura Battler Dunbine, but I have not seen that IP, nor have I played Legend of Dragoon, but I'm in love with the medieval mecha flavor of fantasy/sci-fi. You do excellent work, and I can't wait to see what you do next!

So damn cool! The scale of the mech really reads, and the lighting/shading is fucking great. Really skillfully done. Great work!

This is a really immersive piece, and it leaves me wanting more from this world. Super cool concept, and a realized style. Hell yeah dude! You gained a fan!

The lighting on these faces are really impressive, and I respect and commend the effort you put into filling the spaces between the characters. You turned a doodle into a really strong flex, and it spurs something in me to create again. Never stop, keep grinding!

Ozrk responds:

Dude, you have no idea what your comment means to me.
I'm glad you enjoyed! <3 <3
Stay tuned.
Thank you so much!

These are stunning and inspirational. I want to populate an alien world with hybridized creatures like these. A whole ecosystem of the strange and captivating. It's color scheme is plausible, and I love the dynamics of its sketched poses.

Of the three full color poses, I kinda wished one would have shown off neck turning flexibility, an action shot that expressed an aspect of its potential dexterity. A full sprint, a leap, a bite defending its ankle, a tail whip, that sort of thing. But you address some of these things in the sketches portion, so nothing is really lost. The creature design is still hella cool and I can't wait for more.

Incredible, yes more please! He is doing a very good job!

God, it looks like it hurts to be him.

Twisted, oozing, yet proportional. Believably balanced. Like a horrible bipedal AT-AT with a disarming and lovable face. I love this creature and I don't think I could bring myself to shoot at it. Not that I think that would even impede its invasion, no, but I'd like to think it could recognize that I adore it. Maybe that could lead to me getting a ride on it before humanity's inevitable demise.

Curious, did the printed design handle the white gradient blurry glow well? If it was printed at all, how did you get the shirt made? Did you run into any difficulties with this design, and did you catch yourself learning anything along the way?

ChutneyGlaze responds:

you know im actually wondering that myself🤔 every shirt i made turned out really well but this is the first time doing something like this

You even nailed the lighting on him standing in the icy shadow of a mountain, with harsh snowblind sunlight in the backdrop. Fucking outstanding, 'ol Megs looks mighty and majestic.

HeartisttheArtist responds:

Thank you so much! The colors are almost the opposite of Megatron's, so I wanted that contrast to really pop. I'm glad it worked, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you like it!

It's like the manifestation of a dream or memory. Extremely impressive details all over the place on this, I'm in love with this piece. Excellent work.

I'm a Pre-Production artist for Cyanide & Happiness! I'm also a professional voice actor, a published author, and I design t-shirts & artwork for heavy metal bands in the DFW area. Check out my links, check out my stuff, and stick around for a while! -GG

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