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All Blues All Blues

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Perfect music to back a party and add a flair of class to the ambiance. It's VERY conversational; smooth, groovy, and never disrupts itself or the atmosphere for the sake of it. This is the kind of thing you could put on for your lady by a opposed to 87% of the metal in my library which would be better suited for thrashing her INTO a fire-place.

It's a cool change of pace from the kind of music I expect to hear out of the Audio Portal, and on that note, it's really nice too. If I reviewed this a few years ago, I'd probably deduct points for it not standing out or being dynamic and complicated...but by being bluesy, and not deviating from the theme at it's core, it's sturdy at the foundation, and like I said, there is ABSOLUTELY demographics and situations that would absolutely call for this kind of talent. With that in mind, it excells at what it does. So full stars and vote!

Lageira responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it :)

On the last episode... On the last episode...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm posting lyrics if anybody wants them...

Draggindraggindraggindraggin Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!"

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Ockeroid responds:

Thank you for posting. They have deep meaning and are very personal to me

Crabs WIP Crabs WIP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is pretty good, I don't know why you're so hard on yourself about it.

Needs to be longer, needs room to grow and dip and dive into time that mixes itself up. You're onto something good, dude. Fived!

Might need lyrics too :P

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Sinitech responds:

I'm hard on myself because I'm hard for myself. I truly am a sexy beast.

And yeah, it will be longer once I finally get around to finishing it. As far as lyrics, this seems like it would be hard to do anything with to me. The drums sound kind of like they'd be awkward to keep on beat with, but I don't know because I don't sing or rap.

Masserection-Metaljonus Masserection-Metaljonus

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Drums are too soft, not enough POWAARRRRRR!!!!!


...Yeah I liked it. Pretty metal dude. :D

Metaljonus responds:

lol thanks dude! epic review! *take's sword out* About the drums I still gotta go back and edit them and mix them a bit more but I am happy with all of the levels so far. Thanks for the review! \m/

What Am I Even Doing? What Am I Even Doing?

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Excellent Question.

Here's some possible answers:
-Just dicking around?
-Creatively trying to emote mind rot from too much time spent on video games through an audible media?
-Using artistic expression to let us hear what you hear in a mind gone sour?

It's not very appealing to listen to. It sounds like a broken hidden stage on an NES game that dives into the depths of insanity. That closes off the possibilities of me really doing ANYTHING with this song. I can't leisurely listen to it, I can't party to it, dance, jam, work, fuck, eat, or sleep to it. It has no practical utility other than in a game designed to be just as incoherent and messed up as it is structured. I can't vote highly on a song I don't particularly enjoy. Sorry.

-Review Request Club-

MutantMindframe responds:

Thank you for the honest review. Your description of what it sounds like was pretty much exactly what I was going for! Sorry that it doesn't appeal to you.

SW - Strong Arm (Remix) SW - Strong Arm (Remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


You pull off some fascinating and creative mechanical sound effects in here, translated to music.

...almost to a fault. You know that bit at 1:24-1:37? That bit overall outstays its welcome pretty early on, and yet it's PROMINENTLY displayed throughout the song, it's pretty annoying, to be honest, and it hurts it's replay value.

"Oh yeah, this song is cool and all, but it's also the 'drill' song." :/

I think it's really neat how you incorprorate the epic symphony with the video game backing, and like I said, you pull off some REALLY NEAT shit in this song...but that one, repetitive bit keeps it from getting a 10 for me.

Everything in Moderation. It was fine in small doses.

Voted 5.

Timelapse (WIP) Timelapse (WIP)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I'm about to have a timelapse right NAO

I was about to get into it preparing to be soothed like the guy below me had worded, but when the ringtone of Powerpuff Death sliced through my eardrums at a mere 0:29 seconds in, I found it difficult to concentrate.

This isn't trance, it's just flamboyantly effeminate in the opening bit, and it does so at a frequency most appealing with, what I'm assuming to be, a younger audience...this is far too irritating and repetitive in my opinion. Like that backing, "1-2-3-4-5, repeat" bass line....boring.

The bass line DOES get interesting a few seconds before the 3 minute mark, but when the synths kick back in full-blown at 3:41, you can practically see the contrailing hearts and starts fly out of an animation, and we dive back into the goofy parts of the song.

It finally starts sounding jammable around 4:55...but lordy was it a treacherous, bright and colorful road to get here. Then that ending "bass fuckin' around" riff was just whack.

The tiny sliver of fun that I found in this song was completely drowned out by the heaps of the unappealing aspects of this song. Some parts were too shrill, or too goofy for my tastes. It ain't Trance exactly, because nothing about it is calming...well, except for that neat bit at 4:50 which was WAAYYYYY too short. Most everything else, save for the bassline at 3:00 was like My Little Pony on acid. Don't ask me how I'd know that...

Voted 3/5.

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ochrence responds:

Thank you for the review - I was hoping you guys would get around to it sometime. Sorry you didn't like it all that much though. Guess I was just trying to make a song in a major key, because just about none of my songs are in a major key, and it didn't really work.
The Trance genre didn't really pertain to it very much. It was meant to be kind of goofy, though - mind you, definitely not soothing or "flamboyantly effeminate" - but goofy. That's why I used pitch bend throughout instead of an actual set of new patterns. It was pretty experimental and I was actually expecting that everyone would hate it.
I'm glad you liked the 3:00 bass. I thought the 3:41 synth sounded kind of interesting, though...
The shrillness of this song and definitely that "bass fuckin' around" end riff that you described could be fixed very easily; however, the heart of the song cannot. If I abandoned pitch bend entirely and switched the bass pattern up sometimes, and changed the 3:41 synth as well as numerous synths in the beginning with appropriately serious-sounding ones, could it ever be good? In other words, are the patterns or the voices what is "flamboyantly effeminate"? PM me with the answer, if you get the time.
Otherwise, I'll just discard it. It's too faulted if that is true.
Great review, by the way, and absolutely up to the high standards of the Review Request Club. Thanks!

&amp;lt;&amp;lt;Replicants&amp;gt;&amp;gt; <<Replicants>>

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Finest Dubstep I've heard on the Audio Portal.

The whole song is really fucking cool. It started reeling me into thinking this is going to be exactly like every video game song on the Audio Portal. The slow beat at 0:48 discarded that fear immediately as I started to get into it. But when the DUBSTEP kicked in at 1:02, I had to crank it up for full effect.

What I love about it, is it isn't your typical BWA-WUB WUB WRIGGLY that you hear in every dubstep song. This shit sounds FRESH and creative. More importantly, it sounds DAMN good. The song came around for a second helping of 2:18 and I had already decided I'm faving the song.

The complex little tanget at 2:53 was like the icing and cherry atop the cake for me. Easily my favorite part, and I'm glad you kept it for last. We need more talented demonstrations of talent and depth like that in dubstep, I think. But all in all, I just straight up love this song...changed the game for me in what I've heard in dubstep so far. Five and faved...can't wait to identify this in a flash game or movie.

-Review Request Club-

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BulimicLemur responds:

Wow, flattering. Hahaha, glad you liked it. Yeah I get tired of typical dubstep sounds, some people are honestly happy making that BWA-WUB WUB WRIGGLY all the time, but it's already been done about 8742987 times over and uploaded onto the audio portal with the crappy video-game sounds and the bass turned up too loud and everything just sounds shit and urggh . . .

Anyway, have a listen to blood red by feed me, that's the sort of style I'm going for, and it's like what you describe- have a listen broo. Anyway, good to hear some appreciation. Cheers man!!

realguitaring WIP &amp;quot;Good as...&amp;quot; realguitaring WIP "Good as..."

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hell, it's a start, and there's no shame in that.

In order to get better at any task, you gotta Research, Research, Research, and Practice, Practice, Practice. Keep it up, and be sure to challenge else will you grow and develop? Them callouses on your fingers ain't gonna form themselves!

From what I hear in this submission, it's like a prototype song. Needs a LOT of refining and cleaning up...but it takes balls to show off your early rough drafts, and let people know where your skill level is at THIS point in time. It will serve as a frame of reference to how far you've come when you look back on this in the future...that's exactly why I have my very first flash submission uploaded. It will leave you stoked when you see how far you've grown from here.

Keep it up. The world belongs to those who show up.

-Review Request Club-

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Thanks dude! I've been practicing for the past couple weeks, slowly working my way up. So far, I've gotten powerchords and strumming down (to an extent). As soon as I got that down pat, I'm gonna start working on lead.

Yeah, this song (or this version of it) is in its early stages. I've refined it a bit since, more organized, more in time. Got drums sequenced out, and I'm working with Firefreezer to get a good lead and other instrumental ideas in there. and so far, it makes this look extremely noobish, although it already was.

I probably will look back at this when I'm a lot better and think "I was this bad?" even though it wasn't too bad for a beginner. Gotta start somewhere though.

Thanks for the review, dude!

Project Malu &amp;amp; Kaumaha Project Malu & Kaumaha

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Illustrates a story through the music.

The bulk of this review could be all the shit I could see this being the soundtrack of. The big one being a samurai, but I digress.

I'm detecting a lot of influence from Enigma/Enya...but only because of how supernaturally calming it is. It's so good at what it does, that I don't even raise an eyebrow that at 3:45, that exciting new tone and tempo was powered down into the initial enticing as it would be for some Dream Theater-like tanget of a guitar solo to erupt out of nowhere... This song just contains overall wonderful musicianship...this NEEDS more exposure.

Fived and Faved. You're fantastic at what you do.

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Rinileki14 responds:

Thank you!!! XD I really appreciate that critique.