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Straight-tens, voting 5; Fantastic craftsmanship!

I believe others before you have wanted to pay tribute/immortalize the NG celebrity in a fun, almost "Super Smash Bros." meets "Mortal Kombat" kinda style, only to have failed in the light of lack of creativity, and slip-shod effort.

THIS PIECE, however, brings an immersive, interesting and (most importantly) new and fresh take on popular, familiar characters without losing their original charm and personality. All were given justice to their own credit (even nifty links to what made them famous for noobs who just look with puzzlement.), I thought. Each ending appropriate, and gave the player an initiative to dive deeper into the game, unlocking with their "Grounds Gold" and what-not.

The artwork was impressive as you get to watch your fighter and opponent walk, jump, crouch, and duke it out on each other. At times, I forgot I was even playing a flash game; and I was oddly reminded of the likes of the craftsmanship of proffessionally made fighting games like Guilty Gear.

The villains were all portrayed differently from the perspectives of character to character. The two exceptions being the menacing Piconjo, and Convict. Piconjo was portrayed brilliantly as the menacing Bizzarroesque counterpart to Pico, wherine I think this game shall have a lasting influence on his persona for quite some time.

The items and powerups spiced up the game tremendously to draw away from incessant strong or weak button-mashing; something that previous attempts at a similar game design have ignored, and ultimately fouled their own game. Air and ducking combo's helped vary the fray at your disposal, and also made the opponent that much more unpredictable...therefore, more challenging. :)

All in all, I loved it immensely. It probably will never leave the top 50, and will be enjoyed by the recirculating NGer's for years to come. Excellent work!


NegativeONE responds:

Thanks for the detailed review. Just wanted to let you know I read it so you didn't waste all that typing, heh.

It was okay.

--Graphics: I don't agree with stick flashes much. Although the animation was, in fact, smooth, their motions seemed a tad unnatural. Not to mention the limitations that you would have on a game with this style and stick figuires; Say your objective was to cripple a target and you had to shoot his leg so that police could catch up to him. Or shoot a gun out of hostage taker's hand...As much as I like this game, stick flashes dont impress me in the slightest anymore.
--Style: I liked the game itself, although I wish it were longer and more challenging, I understand there's only so much you can put into one flash. Plus, you had several mis-spellings in there; you may want to run a spell-checker through it.
--Sound: Sound was great! Appropriate bg music, crisp sound effects, and moderate button sounds.
--Violence: It seemed a bit limited on that as well. Yes, you can shoot their heads, and blood does come out, it's just there are so many missed-out possibilites, along with the forementioned leg shooting idea, say you had a 50 calibur rifle and you were splitting people in half with that shit, y'know? Or explosive gas-canisters or something...lots of creative opportunities.
--Interactivity: Unique menu scheme, albeit...but not much else to interact with: It's pretty much just read about which stick figuire you have to shoot (or don't) point, and click the head of the right one at the right time, and move on to the next one.
--Humor: I would've even given props if it were funny to compensate for the lack of artistic animation and durable interactivity, but alas...that's apparently up to the other flash authors of NG.

Overall: I'll give you a 5. Decent game, but I wouldn't pay anything for it.


Interesting effect...

I liked the song too, just wish there was more to do in this. Anyway, I'm voting 3, Peace Out.

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

My poor, unfortunate clicky finger...

Arrgh! Addicting as hell, liked the style of the game...I was a little pissed though because when I finally got enough for the Dragon, I felt ripped-off because I had to actually physically tell it to shoot somewhere...ARRGH! I have hordes of armies coming after me, and I couldn't even figuire out how to get the dragon to just so much as shoot randomly into them! I'm like "AIM FOR THE GODDAMN STICK FIGUIRES!!! NOOES!!!"

All in all, another good game, dude. Voting 5.

Phobos Techology, Phobotech.

Made it to the black-hole dude...

Damn Tom, this flash game is helluvaddictive...I love it! Voting 5!

Say, d'you think that a Captain Low-Rez game is a possible console title?

-Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

That opening logo reminded me of Thundercats...

Anyway, ADDICTIVE as HELL! I love this game! The farthest I got...I think was the Quints...DAMN good game, I'm gonna play it some more after typing this review.

Good Job, voting 5.

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

18 is my high score

Very addictive indeed! Great Job! I'm voting five, and keep up the good work.

Phobos technology, Phobotech.

6:27 seconds...

That's the longest I've ever held out trying to protect those poor, poor, creatures that are unfortunately interested in anything and everything that can and will kill them.

However, it is a very addicting game and an excellent time-killer! Great Job! I'm voting five! I actually wouldn't mind seeing a follow-up game to this!

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

Addictive as hell!

Loved the game, man! All I can really say constructively is it needs a secondary weapon for those UFO's that are out of reach from the shotgun because oither UFO's are in the way. It also needs some other element besides farmer, cow, and UFO...it just needs something else...

Either way, this flash was great! I love it, and I shall continue playing it when I am bored! Thanks and Peace Out!

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

2216 is my high score...wave 10 is a bitch, dude..

Surprisingly, that game was addictive as hell!

Good replay value, nice characters, funny dialouge, and all around good game! Near perfect score, voting 5!

Peace Out, Cycon, and keep em' coming (no pun intended...okay, yes it was.)

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

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