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Addicitng as hell! The Achievements system ftw!

Great game, great concept! The Achievement system you've thrown in here up the replay-value tremendously!

Honestly I see no point in the points other than bragging rights...but Dammit, I'd like some more shit to brag about! lol

Truly revolutionary as far as NG is concerned. With all the different personalities included in here, it adds a whole new texture in the gameplay. "Fuck you, Kitty Krew!" "ARGH! POOZY, YOU ASSHOLE!"

Lot's of great snippets of detail all throughout. From the different game-over screens, to the Zamboni minigame, to the treasure chest (I'm not going to reveal the combination for Max Health, noobs) And I love, LOVE how as the game progresses, every boss, every boss is distinctly different.

Also, it's challenging. You gotta love it!

I'm looking forward to unlocking more achievements in different NG titles, can we expect a sequel from you guys in the future? Portal Defenders is awesome!

Very Nice!

This is very fun, and it looks great! The fact that certain glyphs have to be powered in order to move adds a great deal of strategy to this concept. I like it a lot, as the puzzles become more complex! If you were to revisit this concept again, I would only suggest adding another factor into the difficulty somehow...something that involves timing.

Great game, you earned that trophy!

This is a great idea!

I want more! This is a good, fun typing exercise, and I think a lot of people could benefit from this while being entertained! Extra points for originality!


This game is incredibly addicting!

I'll admit, at first glance it looked like the stacking game from WarioWare, but upon playing...

...it's like Tetris + Jenga + loads of tension.

I love it! Playing more!


I'm a little buzzed right now, and that game was trippy as hell! Challenging and balanced!


The fucking Boss Fight? HELL YEAH!
The angles and curves as it got harder and harder? Loved it!
It didn't need sound, the music carried it audibly by itself with no problem! It was a great loop that kept it exciting without getting annoying, and it was distinctive, so I can link that music to this game.

All-around, you did a great job! Voted 5 and favorited!

Why doesn't he just go around the trees?

The collision detection with the trees got to be a bit frustrating...but after I found ways around that, there are certain situations with that damn rabbit that you just can't get around.

I propose a "three-strikes-your-out" health system if there aren't going to be any added features of maneuverability for Santa's Sleigh.

The music was damn-catchy, I loved the tunes. And the frame-rate made the flash a little more interesting to look at, too.

Rabbits, trees, and balloon-gunners...a part of me would like to say "That's it?" but seeing as how much difficulty I'm having just maneuvering around those three elements on an otherwise clear slope, I don't seem to be in any position to complain about the difficulty of the game.

Voted 3. It was a good time-killer, I kept replaying and replaying, so you must be doing something right. lol

Keep it up!

Pretty addictive, actually.

I made it to the end, but I drifted too far so I couldn't read what the pig was beginning to say. To correct myself, I aimed in the opposite direction so I could get a better angle as to what he said and accidentally shot the pig.


I made it all the way to the top again, I'm going to make it a point to come back and try to see what the hell that present is.

Nice retro feel, music is okay in my opinion; got kind-of monotonous. I know it's trying to capture the essence of the old-school games, (don't get me wrong, it succeeded) but there could've been some kind of an audible or visual switch-up between levels or something.

All-in-all, you worked hard on this game, and it was a very effective time-killer. Thanks for the entertainment!


Thanks to this flash, I've pretty much made my first animation! Thank you! Now I'm off to learn more advanced methods...

Oh my hell, refreshing.

Most satisfying game on Newgrounds...although I feel kinda bad Britney got caught in the cross-fire, chicken-shit K-Fed was using her as a human-shield. The control-system is AWESOME, I have no problems with it whatsoever. Animation, voice-overs, and bg-music were superb and appropriate. Great game all around you guys! We'd love to play more like this! You all rock!

That man is creepy as hell.

...but pretty challenging, sadistic game you got there (what with her pleading for you to help her and let her go and what-not after you jabbed her in the leg...as that guy LAUGHS!)...it entertained me, but JESUS...that guy is scary.

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