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Halloween 2009!

Posted by Phobotech - November 1st, 2009

I had a fuckin' BLAST.

My costume only cost me under ten bucks this month, as the bulk of it was stuff I already had.
-Biker boots
-Black jeans
-Black shirt
-Leather Jacket
-and a silver bandana that was way too tacky to wear any other time of year.

All I bought were
-Big squeeky red clown nose
-Black face paint
-Blue face paint
-and silver face paint.

I also bought this bullshit spray-on blue hair dye from Wal-Mart, but that shit sucked so bad, combing the blue face paint into my beard worked waaaay better.

After strolling along for a ride to the mall with a few friends, we came back to the McKinney place, and I applied the final touches of the face-painting...I am honest-to-God PROUD of this one, as it really unsettled some people. I hopped on the bike, revved it up, full clown-decked out, and rode into the night, kicking in the air as I rode by, sometimes standing up while I revved and screamed. I loved the looks on the parents faces as I tore ass from around the corner, stood up, laughed evilly as loud as I could, before punching the throttle into the distance. (It's a loud bike)

I rode around terrorizing kids, the parents, and the neighborhood that just wanted peace and quite for a good thirty minutes. Came back to the McKinney place, cracked open a few beers, and headed off to a party with hogabeast.

Stole a few more beers, and bounced to the next joint! Got some tequila...a little more beer... among other things. Great times!

I had so much fun, that every Halloween from here on out will never be the same. I must strive to outdo myself next year, traumatize a few more children, and get crunk.

Film at Eleven. HONK HONK

Halloween 2009!




Bleed Black Label

and Getcha Pull!

I love you so much for doing this.

<3 <3

LOL you look like a freak!

your lucky thats good on holloween! ;)

I would do it all the time, if I could :D

That's actually quite unsettling.

I guess I'm just a pussbag when it comes to clowns.

Yeah, I guess...I mean, you don't have a reason to be afraid; I know where you live.

That's okay, I know where I live too.

That makes eight of us. :D