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Save Da Hyrule! Save Da Hyrule!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was hilarious! I loved the character animations too, y'all did a really good job on this! Keep up the great work!

Sneak Bot 199X Sneak Bot 199X

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love the idea of this robot, whose sole purpose is to be sneaky and by design he's clearly not. The voices were fine, and I loved the gags! SFX and music were on point as well.

What keeps this from getting a perfect score to me was pace. The world-building introductory text-crawl would only really be needed if you intended to expand upon this character and setting, but if this is a one-shot, is kinda unnecessary. The audience wouldn't think twice that, for whatever reason, they're sending this inept sneak-bot to save the president.

Also, what's up with this world's Colonel Campbell; maybe it's because he's an old white guy with white hair dressed in white, but I'm getting a serious Colonel Sanders vibe if we threw on a Daffy Duck sailor hat and slapped a Cyber eye-patch on him.

Some of the gags necessitated padding, like the slow trudge of the clunky tank treads, and slowly reversing, and that's totally fine but it helped provide the sense that the overall pace was kinda slowly trudging, there was nothing inherently quick to switch up the pace. With some minor tweaking into comedic timing, the jokes could punch more as well as quicken the pace of the overall short.

Having said all of that, I think you did great! Voted 5!

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SuperPhil64 responds:

Hey thanks a bunch for the nice words and feedback! Storytelling and writing are two things i'm trying to improve so i will definitely keep this feedback in mind moving forward!

As for the Mission Command guy i tried to just make him look really goofy, figured a world with shitty robots would have shitty leaders. But who knows maybe he also has a chain of fried chicken restaurants?

Define Intervention Define Intervention

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What a production! Everyone involved did a spectacular job on this. What I'd call the internet equivalent of a star-studded cast, the audio was mixed well (There was like, one too-quiet line as the protagonist priest was just leaving his church in the beginning). The music was on-point, the action and dialogue alike were well-paced. The animation was MARVELOUSLY well done! I had a great time watching it!

I can't wait to see what awaits us an audience as your talented-ass thrives and grows. This was top-tier stuff, easily. Great job!

How Kratos plays FNAF How Kratos plays FNAF

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Superb animation! Really immersive, just overall fantastically done. It has a great pace to it, I love the humor, and it actually kinda downplays the horror of FNaF. Its about time those animatronic menaces got their comeuppance! And in glorious fashion, too.

Also, you succeeded in making your version of Golden Freddy significantly creepier than the original. There were SO many opportunities for you to cop out or cut corners and I'm so happy you didn't. The effort and craftsmanship you devoted into this short is evident as it is satisfying to observe. Easy five and favorite, and I'm sharing this to friends who are fans of both Kratos and FNaF. Great job!

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The Randoms: ThxGiving The Randoms: ThxGiving

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is stellar! Intelligently stupid, but well paced and well animated. I loved the dialogue, especially the Turkey's lines. The sound effects were definitely a highlight as well. Keep up the fantastic work! Easy 5!

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The Eyes of a Stranger The Eyes of a Stranger

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I don't mind expositing the story through a narrator, but by having active dialogue beneath it at the same time is a big becomes difficult to focus when two people are speaking at once, and it happens often enough that its easy to lose interest. Its like having an audio book playing in the background that you can't stop while you're trying to figure out whats happening visually.

Either pause the narration in between the characters lines, or completely separate them from each other. It won't clutter it up for the audience.

The character animation looked great, its a shame this ain't finished but at least you put yourself out there with a proof of concept. I'd like to this continued! Lets see what happens. Let the audience find out who this girl is, what this place is, the significance of the heiroglyphs, and actively involve the audience in the discovery of this mysterious, bandaged entity.

It would be valuable to practice SHOWING the audience these, don't tell. You're dabbling with a visual media, and you don't want to bore your audience with the silky smooth (well voice acted) narration... think about how you could visually interpret EVERYTHING that narration talked about. Try condensing the dialogue, y'know?

Hope that helps. Keep up the great work.

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Jade vs Liun Kang Fatalit Jade vs Liun Kang Fatalit

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The art is good, and the music and sound effects were sufficient. But the pace is pretty bad; there needs to be an emphasis on timing. Everything here seemed too stretched out, like every shot were many frames too long.

There's no shame in committing the effort into a short animation, but its never a good thing to pad out a brief joke.

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Hell of a Job Hell of a Job

Rated 4 / 5 stars

All I had to do was type in "Employee of the Month" into NG's search bar...after the newgrounds submission web address, after portal, type /view/573327

Originally submitted in 2011, not long from when the audio portal submission that is the spine of this animation was done.

Some of us have seen it before. This definitely looks cleaner, it's more colorful and more complex...however, the framerate chops out when the camera tweens away, and I know its because of multiple different gradients being used. Every time they shift, each gradient needs to be re-rendered. Try to be careful not to clutter up a frame where there's a lot of dynamic movement and you have sophisticated elements at play, like gradients or big-files that are moving around; I lost framerate as well when the guy was torturing the soul. There could be ways around this, and it may be as simple as a tweak in the export settings.

BUT...take that criticism with a grain of salt; I'm not opposed to the idea that the chop in framerate may be my machine. It would do you well to research on the matter from your end of things, anyway. To experiment around, trial and error different settings outside of your comfort zone, and maybe test certain animations on a machine different from your own in the future. All a process to be done at some other time, but food for thought.

Great character designs, immersive environments/lighting, nice creative little touches of detail here and there...but with all due respect to Seymour and his voice clip, my memory is my own faulty critical bias that prevented me from giving this a full score. I crave something more original...but despite it all, the presentation was keen. I even enjoyed the interactive little buttons on the replay menu...its evident you have an eye for details.

Voted 5 because you deserve it for the amount of work you put into this. Good job! :D

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Chelo-kun responds:

I am aware of the original animation on Newgrounds for the last two years while I was making this cartoon. But thank you for reminding me, just on the off chance that I might've forgotten where it came from.

I also hear ya on the lagging, please check it out on Youtube. It's much better to watch there.

As for your bias and cravings, I have no power over that. I'm afraid that's all on you. This cartoon was an experiment to see how far great art and animation by itself can go. The answer is: pretty far. The sound track was just a means to fill in the gap. But I've learned that there's more pieces to this puzzle that needs to be found. Now my technical skills are at it's best, I will go out and find my own voice and collaborate with others to make my next project into pure gold. It will be about two minutes with music and better voice acting, but you can bet to see the same, if not better, art and animation.

Thanks for the 5.

On the John On the John

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great setup, smooth animation, and GREAT style btw...really efficient for animation and it looks good to the eye.

So...right, like I said, great setup. You're establishing a situation we can all relate to, one that had tons of different ways that it could go, and it was building to a punchline that unfortunately went nowhere.

The guy fidgeting with the door glumly says. "Oh, that was you? Sorry."
And our main guy just gives him an annoyed look, replying "...Yeah..."
.....lonnnng muffled sharting noise....

....ehh..."badum-tsh?" Is that the payoff? I mean, its a neat little short, but that ending kinda left me feeling a bit empty. It would've been funnier if the guy trying to get in was really pushy, and just drop-kicked the door, so we had this awkward and frantic sort of slapstick while these guys fought over who gets to shit on the throne.

But he just...he just sat there. There was a moment where he's just holding in the door handle, and then our main guy yells at this poor idiot...and that's it. Not a whole there.

You could've made the intruder a pervert.

You could've made the intruder an oblivious little boy, so he stupidly, stubbornly keeps trying for the door, and the main guy can't get too pissed at him because his father is this massive, angry looking dude just outside.

Hell, you could've made the intruder an old man, and the main guy has to waddle his way into the girls room, and MORE antics happen there and, look- the point I'm trying to make is ANYTHING could've worked to make this flash stand out more. Stick to our memories a little more solid and keep the laughs coming...everything up to that point was solid, and I really wanted to like the WHOLE flash. But I can't vote highly on it BECAUSE of the lackluster payoff.

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Emrox responds:

Haha I totally see what you mean, dude. I've never been good at endings. To be honest, I changed the end maybe five times before I decided to just go with my gut and use the first idea. But maybe that was a bad choice- I dunno. Thanks for the in-depth review, though! It's awesome to see people taking time out of their day 'cause they genuinely want to help <3

Blown Minded Blown Minded

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautiful and mesmerizing.

I'm not a fan of reusing frames for animation, though I'm way more guilty of an abuser on the practice, this is just...fascinating. Really, REALLY cool, and the music is very pleasant and nice.

Top-notch work. It would be a crime if this DIDN'T make Top 50 of all Time.