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Fond fond fond memories of Season Three and Season Four of the Cyanide & Happiness show. You really brought Zach Hadel's Genie to life, and it was a great touch of flair to his character acting in The Stockholms' finale.

Shocked to see how much of this has my Dad in it. I love that Orca King, and I miss the hell out of Wheelcharles- one of my favorite roles I've ever voiced.

It's been such an honor working with you, dude. I can't wait to see what you bring to life in the future!

Delfrig responds:

Same, man! I was having flashbacks to all the all-nighters working on the C&H Show (especially Season 3). Really good times.

And yeah, we always cast your dad as either an invisible narrator or an extremely visible giant celestial being.

It's been an honor working with you too, dude. I'm waiting to see the next Phobotech drop too! I was watching through all your old posts the other day and they were KILLING me. The door gag in "Repercussions of Evil" is so freaking funny.

Oh wow, welcome back! Seeing this in my feed brightened an otherwise horrible week, so seeing and hearing these familiar idiots was long overdue and earnestly welcomed. I hope there's plans over the horizon for your return- either with a new IP or a return to form with some animalistic retardation. In the long run, you have always been, and shall continue to be a legend, and a hero in the eyes of Newgrounders around the world. Godspeed, Dave.

FUCK YEAH, keep it going! Let's run the roster of demons!

Also if you need a voice talent for a demon, soldier, or AI, I'm more than down to pitch in for the credit!

I didn't see that one coming! And neither did he!

Dude, this looks great! Are you going to be making it a regular thing to remix Bigfoot Justice comics into short animations? If you need an extra voice for something, I'd gladly help any way I could.

Delfrig responds:

Thanks, man! Yeah I'm definitely gonna be making more of these. I've been digging through and "casting" old comics and was gonna bother you eventually for some VO.

Holy smokes, this looked amazing! Keep going! Keep achieving! Don't stop!

Gratz on the Daily 3rd! This was spot-on!

Little-Rena responds:

Thank you very much!

Gratz on the frontpage and Daily 1st, dude! Wooo!

TheMurphness responds:

Couldn't have done it without your enchanting voice!

Pros: Photoshop

Cons: Once I got into Clipstudio Pro, I never looked back. It can even open my old PS files, and its a million times better in every conceivable way.

It's time to dump this bitch.

Amazing skit, I resonate wholeheartedly

You and tasty lookin' food, I swear man.

Did you foley the sound effects or do you have a library and you found a sample that fit?

Edit: Nvm, I just clicked the twitter you linked. That's practically foley, lmfao

Luis responds:

I tricked u

Earrape has never been funny, and it's an extremely easy zero vote from me.

I'm a Pre-Production artist for Cyanide & Happiness! I'm also a professional voice actor, a published author, and I design t-shirts & artwork for heavy metal bands in the DFW area. Check out my links, check out my stuff, and stick around for a while! -GG

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