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Deep and Revolutionary!

It's probably going to take me a while to beat this game, but from what I can see from just making it through the first stage, it's VERY DEEP; Truly new-grounds reached for Flash RPG's. The diversity is what makes it gold, and the visual effects, superb voice acting, gameplay, and even REPLAY value are just more and more treats to pile on top of it. Great piece of work, this'll stay within the Top 50 Flashes Of All Time for a long, long time. Great job, and I can't wait to see your later work! In the meantime, I'm hell-bent on getting to the end...you can tell a good game from a bad one when it has the gamer hooked!


A version of snake.

I will say, making the stage barrier-less is an interesting new twist on the game "Snake." At first, I thought it would make the game much much easier, but instead, it only complicated the game as the snake dominated more and more of the screen. I give you props for that interesting new twist, and hey! Paragon X9! Undoubtably Newgrounds material...

All in all, however, the intro sequence with the "Chase the Orb" text took a little too long, and once more I found a couple of times when the logo was in the way, making it a little harder to get an orb that was in the upper left corner. Furthermore, as far as programming is concerned, I think you should eliminate the ability for the user to hit the arrow key that causes him to fall into himself.

Other than that, solid game! Hope to see better things from you!



I can see some influence in the game, Divine Intervention with the way the body-damage is portrayed into segments...it kind of takes the fun and satisfaction out of it when:
-You don't click, you just point. :(
-No sound, not even BG music :[
-Not even a whole lot of variety. >:o

But like you said, pointless game that you made in 2 hours. I'm voting accordingly.


MattLutton responds:

your raised good points. but 3/10...bit harsh

I could literally watch this all day...

Kinda reminds me of a particular After Dark screensaver I would spend hours watching as a kid. Great job! Elaborate on it, and bring something new to it next time! I love it!


Not a whole lot of variety.

Interesting cute little e-card you could send to anybody, but, there's just not a whole lot of variety...not many hats, not a whole lot of different hair-styles, thongs, and boots...it just needs more. It needs more, but then again, if it's just meant as a card, the less the better to reduce filesize...so in that regard, I can understand how variety was sacrificed. I'm giving an average vote on this one.


OMG I love Red Dwarf!

I love the little preloader frog, and I absolutely loved the show, but it should probably be named somewhere along the lines of "Starbug Asteroid Run" seeing as how it really doesn't incorporate anything else about Red Dwarf...regardless, I like the unique features you decided to incorporate to an otherwise familiar gameplay; For instance putting a sort of a "Lunar Lander" drag down to the bottom of the screen, and also incorporating fuel into one of the many elements for the player.

I believe, though, you could've had the opportunity to really go all-out with a game of this concept, but all-in-all, the music was appropriate, had sound effects when needed, and it's generally a pretty good timekiller for a little while, but ultimately there's not a whole lot of replay value, or incentive to continually reach a higher score...it just needs more, that's all.

On an aside, you also misspelled "Travel" "Can" and "Arrows" on the Instruction page, try and see if you can edit that without having to resubmit.

All-in-all though, good score! Thanks again!


How ironic would it be if this were blammed?

Lol, nah, this is a very informative flash for people starting off...namely me...haven't a clue how to animate yet, but I'll definitely use this a reference before I submit my first... It did it's job well by showing comprehensive visual aids to the audience, including interactive examples...that being said, about the only thing I would change is to mix it up a little from the black and white color-less theme and maybe throw in some ambience, or background music, audible representation.

I gave you 8 stars and I voted 5, Good job, and thanks for the pointers! I'm sure many others will thank you later down the line!


Cool! Snake with a twist!

Very entertaining! Only wish there was some audible stimulation (sfx, bg music) but all in all, good job! You're two weeks payed off pretty damn well for your first flash game. Mad props! Voted 5.


Much better, considering you can play this one.

My only personal problems with it is, once again, it still looks pretty plain, what with the dull grey background and what not...it just simply doesn't look interesting.

The colorful bars to the right of the Tetris game now make sense to me, but it still needs something more...

For one, I'd like to think the fast-drop drop rate was a little faster (if you could follow that, lol) and the phasing animation for the compelted bar is a little too slow as well...but hey, you made a working game! *applause*

Still keep at it! You can do better!


Absolutely Brilliant!

Most original gameplay I've ever seen! Fantastic concept, phenomenal replayability, and if anything else, an interesting way to better understand how an equalizer works. I'm stunned and impressed with this fantastic piece, you're an inspiration and a savior! Great job man! We want more!


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