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You're right, "The war is begin."

Pretty good game, not too shabby. It was an effective time-killer, and I managed to unlock a few robots, so I feel accomplished. Not exactly stunning in any one aspect, but I liked it. Bring us more!

Nicely done! I'm impressed and entertained!

Good physics, very appealing visuals. Interactivity goes all the way (Good twist on Golf), and I love the music in this thing. Thanks for the game, Voting 5! good job!

Wonderful and Fresh!

Beautifully crafted game, appealing by sight and sound (Great taste in music, btw.) Oh, loads of fun, and a stimulating time-killer...Make more, please!

GRAH! 27 Days and almost there!

This game is just right! I love it!...Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta find some more survivors and arm them!

Brutal, and challenging!

I died on day 3...I'm determined to beat this thing! Very fulfilling emptying clips on zombies! I also like the day/night system, searching for survivors and what-not. Great job! Now I'm off to play the sequel!

Oooh purdy...

Those clear brownish one's that rush in mess me up every time, I can barely see them, but I love letting the Cyan blocks tug my circle into a corner. Makes it a little easier. Great game! Thanks alot!

To hell with all of these nay-sayers.

I haven't been challenged like this in a long time, I think they're pissy that there is no easy way around this.

Unlike many classic arcade games, there IS limited ammo, which means I had to change my play-style completely. The strategy I go with is usually making figure eight's "dancing" around the opponent only popping a shot when I get close, then collecting all I can for the erratic moving enemies later in the game... These enemies later on in the game have movement patterns that throw me off with the way my avatar handles, so this also forces me to rethink my strategy. It's not really frustrating, but definitely challenging.

Luckily, after collecting enough ammo, or killing enough enemies without getting hit, you can recover lives. This helps tremendously due to the game's difficulty.

The only elements that I would really change;
-Have built-in original music that you can toggle on/off (Usually on my computer, I just flip on my Media Player and I can play this at length, but today I'm on somebody else's computer, and lack of music really did have an impact on me...I dunno, maybe that's just me.)
-Make the ammo counter larger, and easier to glance at.
-MULTIPLE DIFFICULTY SETTINGS; (Hell, make what it is now "Normal" and make an "Easy" for the whiney A.D.D. kids below me.)

Either way, I appreciate the challenge, I love the old, retro feel to it, and I thank you for this game: Keep up the awesome work, Josh!

Hacker12 responds:

Cheers!!! :P

Great idea!

Familiar puzzle/block-stacker game with a new scanning element...fresh gameplay, with good music to go with it! Voted 5!


Not only am I a huge fan of MMD, I absolutely love the concept of this game; Totally new perspective, and great effects...hell it's challenging for me, too...I'm in the middle of the maze right now. Great job, hope for more from you! Voted 5!

Cool concept!

Really eerie how you can't anticipate the direction of the assault, but I like that element of challenge! The tank handles really well, I like it's turning mechanism...the upgrades get diverse, and the trick is to just keep moving, very realistic to an actual jungle scenario...the sound and background music is appropriate, and the graphics satisfy me; This flash rocks!

My only complaint is how small the stage is...you go up and down and only a little to the left and right...the only improvement I would make on this is to increase the roaming ability of the tank. Other than that, challenging and addictive! Voted 5!

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